We process and scan 35mm and Medium Format colour and B&W film.

Based in the UK.


Exposure Film Lab. The Best Film Lab in UK & Europe

We're obsessed with film!

We strive for quality whilst still being affordable for all types of photographers. We have a passion for colour and a respect for B&W.

At Expopsure Film Lab we develop C41 and B&W, 35mm and Medium Format

We offer customised scans & hi-res TIFFs

We offer customised scans, so you don't have to edit.
We offer uncompressed TIFFs, so you have the freedom to edit. Colour corrected and dust free.

Exposure Film Lab can scan to high quality TIFF and JPEG and return your negatives.

You choose how to receive your scans

 Receive your scans via email or on a DVD sent back with your negatives. We have a quick turnaround and the option to store your film.